Acts applied mostly for good practical reasons

The Project

This is a project by Douglas Scholes executed in Lethbridge Alberta with the Southern Alberta Art Gallery.  For more on Douglas please visit

Last updated: July 12, 2010

The project ended on October 26th, 2009.  I installed the last monument at the Lethbridge Regional Landfill (Place no. 5) on September 28th.  After this, the monument was taken, in its dilapidated state, to the home of Adrian and Val Cooke where is now rests having lasted the winter.

This site will only be updated as new images and information occurs, as in the case of the monument at the landfill, which as of this writing has no termination date.  The Southern Alberta Art Gallery will be keeping an eye on the piece and will send me updates.  I will then be updating this site.


August 27th – September 26th, 2009
Closing reception on September 26th @ 8:00 p.m.

Acts applied mostly for good practical reasons (Aamfgpr) is my residency project hosted by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG), Lethbridge, Alberta as part of the gallery’s series Into the Streets: Avenues for Art.

My Plan
Arrive in Lethbridge on August 20th and spend the following week scouting for locations within the city that need some maintenance. The places I am looking for have to show signs of neglect so that I can act accordingly by fixing, painting, cleaning, trimming, etc. From the chosen place, I will select a discarded item (a piece of garbage) like a Tim Horton’s™ coffee cup or a Doritos™ chip bag, for example, to take to the Storefront Studio at the SAAG where I will make a two-part plaster mold using the piece of garbage. From this mold, I will make multiple beeswax casts of the selected garbage. Returning to the original place with the beeswax multiples, I will construct a monument by stacking the casts in a small tower form. The monument will remain as enduring evidence or a notable example to both the place where it stands and the act of maintenance, or at least until it falls over or is vandalized and it, too, requires some maintenance.

As for this site, I will be updating it regularly with info and images of the actions taken at each place. When you come back to take a look there will surely be new things to see.

Putting my plan into action
Being that Aamfgpr is a four week project, I have selected four places to be maintained – one week for each place. Place no.1 will be maintained for four weeks, Place no.2 will be maintained for three weeks, Place no.3 for two weeks and Place no.4 for one week.

A fifth place at the Lethbridge Regional Landfill has been chosen, not to be maintained, but rather to be the location for a final beeswax monument made of casts of all the garbage from the other four places.

Place no.1
Location: Savill Group Architecture
104 – 5th Street South, behind the building, in the alley
Go to map
Duration: August 27 – September 26, 2009

Place no.2
Location: Fine Tuned Hobbies
407 – 2nd Avenue South, behind the building, access via the alley
Go to map
Duration: September 4 – 26, 2009
Fine Tuned Hobbies_1-web

Place no.3
Location: University of Lethbridge
University Hall Atrium east side outdoor patio
Go to map
Duration: September 12 – 26, 2009

Place no.4
Location: Lethbridge Sewing Center and Audiologist
Go to map
1256 – 3rd Avenue South
Duration: September 20 – 26, 2009
Sewing Center-web

Place no.5
Location: Lethbridge Regional Landfill
To get there: 28th Street North and continue north past city limits (follow the trucks)
Go to map
This final Monument will be installed near the scales at the entrance of the Lethbridge Regional Landfill on September 28, 2009 – The duration of its install has yet to be determined.
Leth Landfill-web

This project relies on the assistance of the Southern Alberta Art Gallery staff and volunteers.  I am fortunate to work with the Lethbridge Shelter and Resource Centre (LSRC).  The LSRC provided three volunteers, Michael William Brent Hall, Eugene Hairy Bull and Leon Across the Mountain, to help me find the places and with the activities of maintenance, moldmaking and casting.

My thanks to everyone at the  SAAG in particular the curator Ryan Doherty; Emily McCormick, Nicolas de Cosson, Christina Cuthbertson all of the SAAG; the Lethbridge Shelter and Resource Centre’s Annette Nieukerk; George Kuhl and Steve Rozee from the City of Lethbridge, John Savill of Savill Group Architecture; Craig Mason of Fine Tuned Hobbies; Debbie & Tony Lagematt of Lethbridge Sewing Center; Tom Copps of Audiologist; Echo and Reece Chandler from Scandia Honey corp.; Loralee Edwards & Paul; Adrian and Elliot Cooke and the sustaining support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Logo comp

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  1. Hi Doug,

    I’m looking forward to following your progress. I hope that you stir up some media attention.

    Good show!

    John S.

    Comment by JOHN — August 30, 2009 @ 8:08 am | Reply

    • I have been following your progress and now at the 11th hour I am exhausted from all the work that has been done.
      This project was not a walk in the park, but then what else would father expect from a son that is a chip of the old block…
      Pretty exciting stuff and what is so gratifying is the originality of this project…

      It is a shame the some of the sculptures did not last to the end of the project because of vandalism. Having had the experience in Viger Square in Montreal it seems education and reward (case of beer) to the local street people had good results.


      Comment by Graham — September 25, 2009 @ 12:45 am | Reply

  2. Good luck with the project Doug , we will be following your progress!

    Comment by Michelle Koopmans — August 30, 2009 @ 8:52 am | Reply

  3. I have noticed that you are doing a great job cleaning up
    alot of the mess that is around except for the one under your NOSE
    Will this situation be looked after soon
    (NO amount of beeswax will do it)

    Comment by BIL — September 18, 2009 @ 10:11 pm | Reply

    • Sadly, mustache discrimination exists, and you show signs of indoctrination by the anti-mustache establishment. Doug is doing his part to end it, and so should you.

      Comment by Beth — October 21, 2009 @ 6:59 pm | Reply

      • Ah yes, but the reason behind the discrimination is well-founded.. What exactly is Mr. Scholes hiding behind his mustache??

        Comment by Anonymous Art Now Student — October 22, 2009 @ 5:20 pm

      • Lunch!

        Comment by Douglas Scholes — October 23, 2009 @ 7:32 pm

  4. Right on Doug.

    Comment by Greg Amann — September 25, 2009 @ 10:57 am | Reply

  5. Hey Doug!

    Congratulations on the amazing project (cothap).

    Comment by John L. — September 26, 2009 @ 9:02 am | Reply

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